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walk without rhythm and it won’t attrack the worm.

Weapon of Choice – Fatboy Slim.

Habe meinen Rhythmus wieder. 2020 hier komme ich! (und ich habe vieles vor…) Danke für eure Treue. // Got my rhythm back. 2020 here I come! (And I have a lot of plans, … ) Thank you for your loyalty.

PS: Neue Galerie „Lieblingsstücke“ (Hauptmenü) // PS: New gallery „Lieblingsstücke“ (meaning: favourite pieces, main menu)

To bee or not to bee?

Location: Bergen, Norge.

Don’t Worry – Frank Turner.

With or without you.

Location: Kanton Zug, Schweiz.


With or without you – 2 Cellos (U2 Cover)

// The melody fits perfectly to the flying bird. /  Die Melodie passt perfekt zum fliegenden Vogel.